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How School Attitude works?

Learn to speak English, Spanish, French or Catalan with us!

We offer you a language training solution adapted to your busy daily life…

Do you want to learn through group sessions? Online or onsite classes?

Discover our courses

Thanks to our tailor-made approach, you will learn to speak English, Spanish, French or Catalan confidently and naturally!

Our lessons are tailor-made to match your learning profile, your needs, your goals and your budget!

Onsite (and online) language course for children, teenagers and adults

Our students are aged between 2 and 99!

We teach to anyone, anywhere, thanks to our online sessions. We also offer more friendly sessions, at our onsite classes in our “loft” in Poblenou, Barcelona, Spain and back home, in France.

You would like your teenager to speak a second language fluently?

You and your family live abroad, but you want your children to keep a good spoken and written level in their mother tongue?

You want to ensure your child does regular homework in French (CNED)?

As a professional, you need to up your Spanish or your French level?

Is your child attending a Catalan public school? Does he/she need tutoring?

Are you preparing for IELTS or DELF exams?

School Attitude is an expert in English, Spanish, French or Catalan lessons, with both young and adult learners. We have the best tutors for your children to progress confidently. And we help all our students to reach their goals, whether business-oriented or personal!

Classes available at different times of the day

With School Attitude, pick the lesson times that suit your lifestyle!

Our courses are scheduled from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 9pm.

They can also be scheduled on Saturday mornings!

We also have online class times that suit UCT+3 to UTC-8 time zones.

Our ONSITE courses are in small groups and scheduled every day, from Monday to Friday. We also offer lessons during lunch times and after school/work.

We offer them in Villefranche-sur-Saône and Lyon (France), and in Poblenou, Barcelona (Spain) throughout the school year and during summer holidays too.

Contact us to find out more!

Ready to start learning?

Group sessions

Are you looking for group classes?

Tell us your objectives by contacting us through our contact form

Easy-to-access online sessions

For our online individual and group sessions, we will use Zoom, a super easy, online web conferencing tool.

You can connect from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

For our onsite sessions, if you choose an individual course, pick the lesson times that suit your lifestyle!

Or join one of our group classes after school, or after work, for even more friendly times while learning English, Spanish, French or Catalan!

Tailor-made and regular courses

School Attitude tutors prepare tailor made lessons that match your learning profile, your needs and your goals. Thanks to an evolutionary approach you’ll learn English, Spanish, Catalan or French step by step, naturally and confidently.

Our tutors like working with games, so be prepared to have fun while learning a new language!

School Attitude ONLINE sessions are scheduled several times a week, this will help you to keep on track with your learning!

We plan 20/30/40-minute-long sessions but also shorter ones (15 min) to match your learning profile and your age.

School Attitude tutors guide you throughout your learning process. They give you tips and fun homework to continue learning between sessions.

Our ONSITE sessions are scheduled once or twice a week. These classes are very friendly, and we can guarantee rapid progress, as you will spend your time playing and chatting in the language you are learning without feeling like it’s hard work.

Schedule a course*

*You can schedule a language course by signing up for free. Get fast results even with our online or onsite classes. Prepare to achieve your goals today! Contact us!